Online Electronic Health Records

Cloud based online electronic health records (EHR) systems that allows you to create, manage patient records easily and securely using just your browser


Document Management

Upload and store your patient and practice documents like handouts, consent forms, x-rays, etc. and go paperless. Group documents into folders and tag them to locate it easily, when you need them


SOAP Templates

Quickly document patient visits with custom built SOAP Templates tailored to your specialty needs


Clinical Decision Support

Use Customizable decision trees in templates to drill down to details about the important annotations in the chart, while treating complex medical conditions


Appointment Scheduling

Create and manage patient appointments and schedule resources like rooms, IV chairs, etc. using color coded calendar. Allow patients to book appointments from your website and patient portal


Role Based Access

Define and manage access privileges of practice members at a granular level. All user actions are automatially audited to spot any access violations


Secure Messaging

Communicate and exchange messages securely with fellow providers and patients with the HIPAA compliant encrypted secure messaging platform


Inventory Management

Manage and control your practice inventory of medications, supplements, etc. and dispense them. Track stock levels, configure reorder thresholds and view reports on current inventory, drug expiry and reorder levels


Credit Card Processing

Allow patients to pay for your services with their credit/debit card, making the billing process more efficient and thereby reduce patient waiting time at the billing desk


Analytical Reports

Generate variety of custom reports on practice statistics, patient statistics, medical conditions etc.



Generate invoices automatically based on chart note entries and apply payments


Mobile Apps

Manage your appointment schedules, create chart notes for consultations, assign tasks to your staff, etc.

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