Patient engagement is a concept that combines a patient's knowledge, skills, ability and willingness to manage his own health and care with interventions designed to increase activation and promote positive patient behavior. Research shows, Patients who are engaged in their health, are more likely to achieve better health outcomes. There has been a paradigm shift towards a greater role for Patients in healthcare delivery, in the recent years.

Patient Engagement not only facilitates Providers and Patients to work together for better health outcomes but also provide an opportunity for the Patients to become partners in their care. Here are some statistics from patients on using technology for patient engagement:

  • Use of TechnologyOnline Appointments
  • Adoption of mHealthAppointment Queue
  • Online Healthcare InteractionAppointment Queue



Schedule Appointments

Request appointments with your care team easily from the patient portal


Fill Pre-Appointment Questionnaires

Fill pre-appointment questionnaires from your home before the visit, to reduce waiting time at the doctor's office


Personal Health Portal

Your portal doubles up as a personal health portal where you can track wellness indicators and personal goals


Secure Messaging

Exchange messages with your care team securely regarding your treatment


Access Health Records and Medical Literature

Visit Summary and medical data gets shared to your portal automatically. Access relevant literature on medical conditions and prescribed drugs from the portal


Share documents with Care Team

Share documents with your care team on progress and to seek opinion


Lab Result/Rx Updates

Lab results and Rx updates automatically flow to your portal for your reference

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