Integrated TeleHealth provides an unified system for medium to large hospitals for day to day healthcare management tasks incorporating a multi-speciality telemedicine system. Specialized clinical services like Tele-Psychiatry, Tele-Pathology, Tele-Radiology, Tele-Surgical supervision (remote supervision of junior surgeons live from theatre) can be performed with the innovative and cutting edge technology thus improving cost efficiency and quality of care.

Implementing the Integrated TeleHeath platform greatly improves the healthcare outcomes, to list a few:

  • Doctors availabilty for outpatient schedule can be extended without needing to be in the hospital. The logistic issues of travelling both for patient and healthcare provider during severe weather, being out of town etc., will not be a barrier to continuity of care.
  • Hospitals can afford to provide longer hours of out-patient cover without a need to occupy hospital space and facilities.
  • Number of patients visiting outpatient units of larger hospitals can be resolved by setting up remote TeleMedicine Filter Clinics in smaller cities/towns to act as a first point of medical triage for non-emergency conditions. Patients at the remote hub can either get treated or have investigations completed prior to travelling to main city hospital.


  • Medical Record Portability

    Enable Portability for travelling patients

    Patients will have portability available for their medical records. They can allow secure access to a local specialist during their physical consultation abroad

  • Medical Case Discussions

    Perform Online Medical Case Discussions

    Complicated caess can be discussed while sharing images/videos without pulling doctors from wards and clinics

  • Video Calling

    Improve Collaboration amongst healthcare staff

    Advanced instant video communication via mobile apps enables healthcare staff to get instant and quick advice from senior collegue by sharing medical images

  • Monitoring Remote Patients

    Remotely monitor patients after hospital discharge

    Patients can discharged early, sparing beds for other waiting patients. Shorter stay in hospital reduces complications related to longer stays such as Sacral area sores, lung infections, wound infections, etc.


  •  Integrated Audio & Video for live consultations
  •  Support for laptops and tablets as endpoints. No software to install or maintain
  •  Ability for providers to communicate through HIPAA complaint messaging
  •  Specialized workflow to accommodate individual clinician preferences
  •  Providers can create compliance document and get patient consent before every telehealth session
  •  Ability for remote specialists and bedside clinicians to collaborate in consultation
  •  TeleHealth Kiosk helps remote centers to engage with patients and initiate telehealth sessions
  •  Screen sharing helps patient to share medical records on their desktop/mobile with providers
  •  Multi-User TeleHealth sessions allow more than one patient representative to participate in the video call
  •  Supports local recording of TeleHealth sessions, for future reference
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